Writing Interesting Content For You!

We all love writing and reading, right? If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be here today: in a desperate search for new and exciting content to read and keep our minds active! Here at Marvellous Mystery, I am extremely passionate about supplying YOU with thrilling detective stories! These detective stories surrounding William Percy Morgan are updated every 2 weeks! But I completely understand that 2 weeks is a long time to wait so welcome to the miscellaneous section!

Updated more frequently (alongside the detective stories also) you can read a multitude of new content for free right here!

What To Expect
  • Poetry
  • Life insights
  • Book/ short story reviews
  • Short stories

A Visual Representation…

Below you will be able to find a gallery of HD photographs that offer you insights into my life! What I drink, what I do in my spare time, that sort of thing. Feel free to use any images you see in the gallery for your own purposes!

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