Chapter 7: Candlestine Percy

I had spoken to Jake and ensured him that having the detective on our side would accelerate our movement. It came of no surprise to me when I was then greeted by a bundle of “what ifs” and wave after wave of growing concerns.

He wasted no time in explaining the amazing detective’s achievements to me. It was a very one-way conversation that seemed to possess little bounty and any merit whatsoever. The topic however, soon changed to his brother.

We had both come to understand that his twin brother was now in custody and this was a growing concern to the both of us.

This soon lead on to another argument. I had eventually proposed that we take his brother out of the picture for he knew too much about ourselves and the plan. I feared greatly what this could do to everything we had set in place. A great shroud of anxiety surrounded me and I then demanded that, if we don’t kill him, we rescue his brother from jail.

It was a dangerous decision to make and would no doubt leave a new trail for William Percy Morgan to follow us on.

But then an idea came to me. If we could rescue Jake’s brother and subtly leave a trail only the detective could follow…we could get him alone. Isolated.


“Candlestine. Candlestine Percy!” He remarked.

“A name? Well, Blake, we have made a most fortuitous step forward in this diaphanous and cardinal quest. Let me begin by extending my gratitude, for this name will prove crucial in closing this case. What do you know of this man?”

“Barely anything! I promise!”

“Lies! You have proven to be a resilient man but your resilience has only carried you so far. Do not extend your torment by relinquishing me of what I desire to know” I said. I began to feel infuriated once more at this man’s desire to protect those he was involved in this affair with.

I had been cooped up in the room for so long I was deprived of any sense of happiness and, such as a man would if he misplaced his favourite pair of loafers, I let my anger once more overcome my barrier of self-reserve. I slammed my fist on the desk in a fluctuating composition of divine rage. It startled him for a moment but his lips did not move save the slight tremble in fear.

“This man has nothing more to say. Disappointing for I know he possesses far more adequate knowledge of the matter. I think I should now like to find the brother. Jake Jillian Junior should be able to shine a promising light on this new character!”

I soon left the station with Blake by my side. His presence was a promising addition to my train of though and it allowed me to express my theories out loud.

“What do you do for fun, sir?” He asked in the breaking of silence. I gave him a puzzled look and could not identify a reason as to why he would ask such an arbitrary question at such a spontaneous time.

“Ha! Why…I’m not too sure” I replied.

“Do you ever think, and pardon my saying so sir, that you spend too much of your time focussing on cases? That the more time you dedicate to justice, the further you stray from peace? Do you play any instruments or anything?”

“No and I do not think I have ever particularly been tempted to. I am not interested in sport and I prefer to use these daddles for more elaborate work! In my down time I partake in riddles and sketching! I do enjoy sketching whatever is in front of me from time to time. Other than that, my dear friend, I am a walking encyclopaedia bursting to the brim with knowledge from the different types of leather to formal chemical experimentations!”

“Ok, another question sir: how are you so intelligent and formal at such a young age?”

“My, aren’t we feeling inquisitive today? Well, it was more down to a personal lust for attention at first. I was rather displeased with being looked down upon all the time. I have my idols of course, but I wanted to be successful. I wanted to be an idol for others and I desired so greatly to be someone people turn to for assistance. There are few heroes in this bleak world. I have always been clever from a young age so I deemed it best to turn my intelligent prowess, to the good of the people. And so, a detective was the career path I chose.”

“Any ideas sir, to become cleverer?”

“Why? Thinking of becoming a detective yourself my dear Blake?”

“I sure would! Perhaps one day, further down the line sir, you could mentor me?”

“My god…” I said as I stopped dead in my tracks.

We had both been walking for a few minutes now and was quite some distance from the station.

Laying in front of me, cold and crippled on the floor, was the body of the twin we had in custody.

“How on earth!?” Exclaimed Blake.

I approached the body carefully and observed the surrounding area.

“Blake, I need you to get a few other bobbies and cordon off this area. There is no doubt a crowd is imminent. I need time alone with the body. Go.”

And off he went. Without a look of confusion or a single question asked; he dashed off back to the Portswood police station.

The victim’s clothes were a mess; torn and ruffled. I noticed prominent red marks on the victim’s hips, stomach and chest. I daresay he was unevenly matched in strength with his opponent and clearly dominated. I knelt down and examined his head closely.

His tongue was extremely swollen, he possessed neck abrasions and there were relatively small traces of vomit on the inside of the man’s cheeks.

He was strangled.

Strangulation was a very intimate way to kill someone and, especially in broad daylight, was a risky way to take someone’s life. Surely a stab wound, gunshot or poison would have been quicker? This very well could have been an intimate killing.

I diverted my attention around the body. There was nothing. No ripped fabric of any kind showing to me that the victim was unable to put up a fight.

Within 5 minutes, Blake had returned with four other officers.

Immediately they began cordoning off the area but Blake came to me as I was relived from the body.

“I have news sir. The lads back at the station have been running the name Candlestine Percy through other stations in Southampton. They’ve made several enquiries and have been informed that mister Percy has a wife, recently divorced, who lives on Orchard’s way.”

“Brilliant! Utterly brilliant. My? Orchard’s way is a mere 15 minutes from here? Fancy accompanying me? I believe Candlestine Percy is our killer. His brother would not commit this act on a whim and that leaves CP.”

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