Short Story 1: A Westridge Road Thought

It was an early Sunday afternoon and I decided to take a stroll down Westridge Road which was a short 5-minute walk from the Cobden Bridge. A gentle fog had begun to set and the golden, crisp sun had coloured it a crimson red which lit up the whole city. I was greeted by the fresh smell of flower and flames from the bakeries opening up for the day and the streets remained quiet.

No cases were upon my desk and it was a moment I savoured, for crime had run rampant of late. I decided to tickle my mind with a brain teaser I read in the morning paper the previous day.

The distance from London to Newcastle is a total of 282 miles. This translates to 453.8 kilometres. A man who walked a mile every 15 minutes leaves Newcastle at 10am on a Monday. A man who walked a mile every 20 minutes leaves London at the same time and same day. Assuming they didn’t take a break, at what time and day would each man arrive the other city?

Photo by Roland Lösslein on Unsplash

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