My Motivation

I am not famous. Far from it. But as I sit in this café, I do sometimes ponder as to what actually keeps me going. I go to work, go to the gym, write every day and go to university. So, as you can imagine, my life is relatively busy and fast-going!

So, I wonder what gives me the motivation to tackle all of these aspects of my life head on. I’ll briefly talk about them here in hopes that I offer ounces of motivation to someone else!

I want my writing to really take off! For so many reasons as well but not for what you may think. Money is the grease on the wheels but the wheel itself would be to inspire those around me and to offer assistance to those who have helped me grow. Just imagine this feeling though: you are on a day out with family or friends and you decided to take a wander into your local bookshop be it waterstones or a local establishment. You all walk in and explore the aisles and see YOUR BOOK on the shelves. Can you imagine the feeling of pride and success that would generate inside of you?

Very few people put in the effort to get to that stage. But if you stick at it and be consistent, you could achieve amazing things. It’s not just with my writing, it’s with every aspect of my life. I want to become the best version of myself to prove to people that success is possible for anyone.

The next stage would be to financially assist those I love and care about. My friends and family and even charities I believe in. Being someone who aids in the worlds progress is a astounding feeling and would make the world a better place.

“A satisfied man is an enemy of progress.”

If you picture where you want to be and what you need to do to get there, it’ll happen. Like my grandad says “a satisfied man is an enemy of progress.” If you are satisfied where you are in life, you will not progress. You’ll be stuck.

To progress you need the power to do so. “Power comes in response to a need and not a desire, it is up to you to create that need.”

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