Chapter 5: Permanent Residence

An impenetrable task is set out in front of me. A job that, once started, cannot be left unfinished. For the seeds of doubt have now been planted deep within the minds of my enemies and the roots have begun to grow deep. My soul itself was once feeble and sick. My conviction was as strong as a wet piece of parchment.

But just as trees do, I grew. I experienced fear and abhorrence. It chiselled me into an abomination. A walking apocalypse. A tool to be used by God to seek vengeance.

I have come to learn of a name that may prove to be a thorn in my side. A name that riddles me with fear and I also fear that this name may put my plan down the crapper.

William Percy Morgan. A young, but apparently brilliant, detective of the Portswood police force. This character raised my curiosity tremendously so I devoured my time in waiting by indulging in some research. I wanted to know more about this character who was no doubt on my trail like a lost cub trying to find its way home.

The man is only 27 years old.

27 years old and yet he possesses the mind of a revolutionary theorist and the skills of a hardened veteran of the force.

I read up on a few of his cases and I must admit, I was impressed. From simple murders to the most elaborate and intricate crimes that riddle the streets of Southampton; he has never ceased to succeed in terminating the actions of criminals. I feel as though this may require more attention for myself.

What I would like to establish is who he is. I know this man is a detective and a good one at that. But is he working for himself? Is he a righteous man? Or is he from the ivory towers that block all light to those in poverty? Which side is he on?

I would very much like to talk to him…one day.


“So, enlighten me as to the whereabouts of your brother” I asked for what felt like the millionth time. I yet again received no answer. I looked at him for a moment and tried to unravel the workings of his desolate mind. Blake soon entered the room to accompany me and it wasn’t long until we were sipping on a coffee together at a café down the road.

“You seem troubled, sir” he said. I didn’t reply at first. Instead, I watched the cream in my coffee swirl round the edges of my cup and the steam thinning as it grew colder. I was at a wall so high that my mind could not ascend it. What I thought was an interesting case, was becoming more of an arduous puzzle. I took another sip of my coffee before replying to Blake.

“I must admit that the progress of this case relies on finding the twin brother. It eludes me as to where this man lives and evermore so, why he and his brother switched places! At this point however, I believe it is too easy to say it was both of them that stole the jewel. It just doesn’t quite add up yet!”

“Oh? Mind explaining for me sir?” Blake asked.

“Well, why do you think they stole the jewel? If it was those two, what would be the motive? The first and most obvious answer is money. They wish to sell the jewel for a high return. But let us explore other possibilities. Perhaps they mean to send a message? With the jewel missing, stolen from such a high-security establishment, it emphasises the weakness of the jewel’s safety. Perhaps they wish not to sell the jewel, but give it to someone! It is far too soon to sell the jewel so it would be far easier to hand it to someone else for safe keeping! There are many possibilities that stimulate the twins’ motives and I fear the only way to get an answer is to find Jake Jillian Junior!”

“Do you think there is any other way to track him down?”

I shrugged my shoulders in dismay.

We both sat in silence again for a few moments until I thought of an idea that could prove to be valuable.

“The brother will not tell anyone where his twin is. That much is certain. Our best bet would be to take a look at the castle records and find the home of our Jake! Come on Blake, grab your coat. The scent is still hot!”

We wasted no time in hailing a cab.

It was not long until we arrived back at the castle and with a brief conversation with the manager, we were flicking through a dozen files in a desperate attempt to find the home of Jake Jillian Junior.

Seconds turned to minutes and minutes turned to hours. We found nothing.

“Where the bloody hell does this geezer live?” Blake cried out as he began re-reading the files we started with.

“Well let us take a moment to look at the facts. All these records are telling us where every member of staff lives except for Jake. No pages, from what I can see, have been torn out. There have been no edits and nothing erased; the traces of this would be most obvious. I believe therefor, it is safe to say that our man does not have his own place of residence. Did you also take a look at the twin brother’s arm? There was no cut. It was not he who stole the jewel on the night. This leaves two possibilities: Jake either lives with his brother or he rents a hotel room. But which hotel? Blake, I would like you to head back to the station and attempt to ask our imposter some more questions. Try and probe into where HE lives. Meanwhile I am heading back to my office to figure at which hotels his brother could be staying at.”

When I got back to my office, all was quiet.

It was a late afternoon and the golden crisp rays from the sun had began to set upon the windowsill, which caused dust to disguise itself as fake crystals. My office was in its usual tidy state; everything aligned perfectly with its counterpart across the other side of the room. For example, the coat rack to my left was in line with the bookshelf to my right.

This was a safe space. A haven. Somewhere where my mind could wonder and not feel lost. It acted as a paradise of total seclusion that massaged my ambiguous and rather egotistical intellect. I cared little for other establishments that were founded upon the basis of knowledge such as a library or a college. Instead, I preferred my office which served me greatly.

My desk possessed a number of draws that had various items stored within. I took out a map of the local area and got to work in pin-pointing possible hotels Jake would have been residing at. The hotel would have to be close. No more than half an hour journey on foot. It would not be possible to make a longer journey whilst simultaneously hiding a famous jewel. Nor would it be such an expensive hotel for he was a guardsman and nothing more. His salary would have its limits. That immediately eliminated ‘The Queens Stay’ and ‘The Fallen Leaf Lodge.’

I scanned the map some more and identified 2 hotels that were within half an hour of the crime and relatively cheap: ‘The Crow hotel’ and ‘The Pigs head hotel.’

I decided to then join Blake in the interrogation room to confront the twin. I took a seat in front of him and said nothing. Instead, I let the ominous sensation of a pending threat illuminate the room. I said nothing but my eyes generated a crippling sense of stress within my opponent.

“The Crow hotel and the Pigs head hotel” I said to him with no context to the matter. I saw his eyes lighten up as if being exposed to a petrifying truth.

“Jake Jillian Junior is staying at one of these hotels and you will tell me which one it is. You fail to realise who I am and what I can do. You do not attach the strings of sense to reasoning and this will forever be your downfall. Do not act as a vessel of stupidity in the hopes that you will evade the law. Your biggest mistake today was hiding facts from me. Your biggest mistake of your life however, was making this task a foolish endeavour and wasting my time. I may be young but I promise you that nothing can stop me. I am an oncoming storm, a vehement bolt of lightning. An omniscient detective who has yet to fail! So, stop wasting my time you dimwit; you utter imprudent imbecile. Tell me, which hotel does your brother stay at?”

I do not often lose my temper but this was a rare moment. Perhaps it was the lack of sleep that rested upon my shoulders or merely the simple desire to win. To solve the case. The brother had now abandoned his look of hardiness that he had held for so long. Now, he looked scared.

“You’re partly right. He stays at both! He purchases temporary lodgings from both of those hotels and rotates between the two every two weeks.” I departed the station alone. I was now determined to find this man and bring an end to this theatrical performance. My next destination was the Crow hotel.

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