Chapter 4: Identical Imposter

I may come across as a savage man; a beast desperate for redemption. I have killed and I have lost but I have not been killed. I consider that as luck or, perhaps, a sign that my story is not yet finished. I see myself on a long path that is destined for greatness and I will be the hand of the righteous. I will be the condemned that condemns the rich. I will fight the fight that no one else can.

This jewel I hold is still too hot and it angers me greatly for when I look at this emblem of purity, I can only imagine the riches I would posses once it is sold.

Taking the jewel required detailed planning and a helping hand. It warms me that there are those who would offer an olive branch with no reward in mind. Everyone has their own motives but if we could all work together in harmony then the world would be a better place.

As I sit here I started to ponder on the possibility of a devoted man who requires no incentive. An individual who compels himself to serve the average citizen with no aspiration of pride or recognition. Is it possible to do something so selfless that a reflection cannot be observed, as it is a one-way kind-hearted gesture?

Everything I do and everything I have done has been for a reason. Maybe I wanted to protect my country, maybe I wanted to gain riches beyond my wildest dreams.

And now…it is for vengeance. Because I want to tear down those that have wronged myself and my fellows so, am I acting selflessly? Or am I doing it for my own pleasure?

Once the jewel is sold, the next phase of my plan will commence.


The following day after I had recuperated, I went back to the castle. It was still in the same desperate state I had left it in except this time, there was a crowd. I had assumed this was due to the news spreading faster than a deadly infectious disease.  Intercepting messages and flowing past the crowd like a water between rocks was no easy task but I eventually had returned to the crime scene.

The manager and Blake were there to greet me this time and, despite it being a new day, the manager still looked as distraught as ever.

“Any conclusions?” Asked the manager as he rubbed his hands together; eyelids stationery and pupils dilated.

“None yet” I replied as I took another glance around the room as I constantly drew new theories within my mind.

“But that is why I am here. I would like to talk to the 4 guards who are always tasked with guarding the jewel. I trust they are within the premises?”

He nodded.

“Then I think it best that you shuttle off and go retrieve them.”

The manager was gone for a few minutes and so I took the brief moment of silence to talk to Blake.

“Tell me Blake, do you have any theories?”

He looked very puzzled and quite nervous.

“I do. But sir, I ain’t think my theory is the right ‘un.”

“No theories are right until they are proven so. Come on, tell me. And do me the pleasantry of explaining WHY you have such a theory.”

Blake shuffled on his feet slightly. He took off his hat and took a menacing stare at the pedestal the jewel used to lay upon. I could hear his mind ticking and it was a delightful experience to observe so closely, the mind of a commoner. Yet, I had my hopes about officer Blake. He was a cut above the rest and I was exquisitely intrigued in his latent abilities.

“My theory is that it was one of the guards. There were four people guarding that thing. 4 people! That’s bloody tough to pull off a thing with 4 bloomin’ guards present! It would also explain your theory sir, how the thief would’ve been inside when the place was closed. Would also explain ‘ow the guards didn’t notice anything out the ordinary.”

I smiled.

“I like your thinking, Blake. Truth be told, I was thinking along the same lines.”

I could feel his smile emit when I turned my attention to the 4 guards whom had now appeared in front of me, along with the nervous looking manager. I ordered Blake to take the manager away and write down a full account of his involvement.

“Morning gentlemen. It is no secret why you are here. None of you are in trouble alas, none of you are innocent until I deem otherwise. The green jewel was stolen yesterday and to my knowledge, only you were present at the time. Each one of you faces outwards; your attention covering every angle of the jewel. There is no opening or glass ceiling above the jewel so, the easy accusation would be to say it was one of you or all of you.”

Each guard looked relatively different from one another: one fat, one thin, one tall and one muscular. They all wore brown garments that possessed a thin layer of leather over the top. They all wore top hats; though quite small and square rather than your tall and circular types.

“May I also state that, failure to comply may result in many fingers pointing your ways! I expect the truth and nothing but the truth. The moment I smell the faintest trace of a lie, I will crack down upon it like Thor’s mighty hammer! There are four of you guarding the jewel and I am told it is always you four. Surely you fellows do not guard this jewel day and night, 7 days a week?” I asked as I carefully examined each face; each eyeball for the trace of a liar.

The fat one stepped forward. He looked calm and collected, his uniform was neat and tidy, but I noticed the others transfixed their gaze upon him when he went to speak.

“7 days a week, aye. But not all day. We only guard the jewel at nights, from 7 in the evening to 7 in the morning. The daytime staff guard it from other positions in the hall.”

“And what positions are these? Exact positions, if you will.”

The muscular one then took the lime light.

“They’ll be three of ‘em. One circles the jewel whilst the other two are parallel from each other; opposite ends of the hall.”

It was a fairly large hall with many windows and not a great deal of obstructions that would disarrange someone’s line of sight.

“I see. And do any of you have any relations with the day staff?” I asked. They all shook their heads as they tightened their lips.

“It would benefit me greatly if one of you could tell me where the fourth guard is” I asked in slight agitation.

They all began to chuckle and look amongst themselves in confusion. The muscular one made an interjection.

“Aye I’m sorry pal, but there are four of us here! Maybe your powers of observation aren’t as WOW as what they say?”

“My powers of observation are fine. In fact, it is my observation that has allowed me to identify the most curious detail in our little game. When I first arrived at this crime scene, we did not speak. Yet, from afar, I saw you all being questioned by a few officers in the corner of this here room. You all posses very distinctive looks yet, this very thin man stood in front of me is not the same thin guard I saw when I first arrived here.”

They all looked confused and the thin guard now grew a pale and inconspicuous look about his face.

“My guess is, a twin? Very impressive is the biology of twin couplets! You have clearly gone to some lengths to dress the same too. Did it not occur to the rest of you that this man was not the man whom you usually all work with?”

A small ruckus broke out in a fire and blaze of confusion. Questions was hurled my way as did a collection of bizarre looks from the other three guards.

“We are twins” he said.

“Mind telling me why you are here in his stead?”

I had no response.

“I believe the actual guardsmen was called Jake Jillian Junior, am I correct?”

The fat one nodded. “Officer Blake, please take this man to the station for questioning. I would very much like to find Jake Jillian Junior and furthermore find out how his twin brother is involved in this little affair!”

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