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Welcome to Marvellous Mystery!

What To Expect

Interesting Stories

Here at Marvellous Mystery, we are dedicated to constructing and delivering the most fruitful and captivating detective stories. Updated every 2 weeks, you will be able to read and explore detective cases set during different time periods!

However, there is a twist! Each instalment will start with a few paragraphs from the perspective of the criminal! Be it a killer, thief or even an arsonist. You will know what they are doing, what they are thinking…but not who they are!

The rest of the instalment will then be from the perspective of the detective!

What This Site Offers


Every 2 weeks a new instalment to a case will be added. It will supply you with new clues, suspects and theories about who the criminal is! It will follow a consistent and engaging story that will leave you desperate for more.


You will also have access to all of my works on this site and where to purchase them from! Once a case has reached its ultimate end, it will then get turned into a book itself!


You may also wish to get in contact with me to discuss your theories on the current case or to simply offer praise or constructive feedback! Any inquiries, you can simply give me a message!

Words I Like To Live By

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

J.R.R Tolkien

“99% of failures come from those who make excuses.”

George Washington

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As you read more of my unique and interesting cases, your mind may be itching to know what comes next! Too eager to discover the next clue or too fixated on the newly highlighted suspect? Feel free to give me a message and see if YOU can uncover the truth, before the detective!